A follow up on my guts...

I got my biopsy results back from my endoscopy and everything was negative. Wahoo!! Apparently stress, has caused me to produce more stomach acid, which is irritating some 'erosions' in my stomach lining, and thus making me feel like crap all day, every day, for the last couple of months. I'm sure you are all excited for those details... My doc put me on some meds, and he told my mom to have me take 4 pills a day. Come to find out, I was only supposed to take 2 a day. Now that I'm on the correct dosage, I am starting to feel much better. If I could only mellow out a little, I will be great! And, I know that I should be taking it easy on what I consume, but I have missed my coffee and Coke, like you wouldn't believe! Bring on the caffiene!


Morbid thoughts...

I know a lot of people have been putting together their 'Bucket Lists' since one of the guys that wrote "100 Things to do before you die" kicked the bucket, so here are a few of my ideas of what I would like to do before my time comes....
1. Tour an authentic castle in Europe.
2. Disney cruise, or any cruise for that matter.
3. Race a car, legally, of course.
4. Search for real treasure.
5. Drive the streets of Italy on a scooter.
6. Get a children's book published.
7. Stay in a bed and breakfast in New England, during the fall.
8. Swim with sharks/learn to scuba dive.
9. Go on a zip line in the jungle.
10. Cliff jump off a waterfall.
11. Learn to surf.
12. Join the mile high club.
13. Sky dive.
14. Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland.
15. Bungee Jump off a brigde.
16. Go skinny dipping.
17. Learn a new language.
18. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Germany.
19. Get another tattoo.
20. Ride a gondola in Venice.
21. Go to a red carpet event.
22. Ride on a double-decker bus in England.
23. Dance in the pouring rain.
24. Be in a hurricane, and live to tell about it.
25. Learn to play an instrument.
26. Ride on a rickshaw.
27. Get flattering risque photos taken.
28. Go see a soccer game in Brazil.
29. Get snowed in, in a cabin with only my significant other.
30. Go on a wine tour in Tuscany.
31. Celebrate New Years somewhere with tons of people like Las Vegas or New York.


I'm old and broken...

After 2 months of waking up every day feeling like I'm going to throw up, I finally dragged my sorry carcass into a gastro specialist. As some of you know, I have been having a really rough emotional summer, and it's taken a toll on my health. Trust me, I love fitting into my prepregancy pants and all, but the lack of energy, mood swings and sleepless nights, are not worth the weight loss. My doctor took some scrapbook worthy pictures of my innards, revealing that I wasn't going completely insane from anxiety. There is something actually wrong with my stomach!! He did some biopsies and I should get those results soon, but he didn't seem too concerned. Hopefully the meds he gave me will help! As soon as I find out that all is well (cross your fingers) I'll let you know!