School? For real?

Wow, I really don't update this very often. It's not for lack of time, it's more of lack of creativity. I'm not sure if anyone even reads my blogs anymore. Oh well. So what's been up? Well, my friend Mandy, and I decided that we needed to go back to school. Sort of. We signed up for this fiction writing class that the Canyon's School district is doing. One of those continuing education classes. Our first class was on Tuesday. Our teachers name is Brenda and she is such a character. She read some of the stuff she has written, and it's awesome! She told us about a trip she took when she was in her 20's. She bought a moped and toured Europe! Holy crap! She was gone for 3-4 months, and she said she only spend a few thousand dollars. So, anyway... the teacher is interesting. Our class is designed to get us up and going on writing a novel. We have loads of homework already which I think is sort of hilarious. In two weeks we have to pretty much have the whole premise for a novel drawn up. Yeah, okay. I don't know where to start! Most of the stuff she talked about dealt with fantasy type novels. What if you just want to write about stuff that might really happen or could happen? Both Mandy and I felt pretty overwhelmed when we left the class. It should be pretty interesting. We have a speaker next week and Brenda said that we will just be mesmerized by him. Hopefully he'll be that kick in the butt inspiration I need to getting working on something. I'll let you know!