Beyond Irritation...

1. Being sick and having the doctor say "I don't know what is wrong."
2. Losing yourself.
3. Not being able to shake a bad mood.
4. No time to yourself.
5. Gas prices at the current moment!
6. Being really tired but not being able to fall asleep.
7. Wet Socks!
8. Speeding tickets.
9. Headaches that never end.
10. Regrets.
11. Feet. (I know, I just hate feet)
12. When someone tells you the ending of a book that you are almost finished with.
13. Making dinner, and halfway through, realize you are out of a major ingredient.
14. Cold sores.
15. On the freeway when someone passes you on your left, cuts you off, and then gets to the lane on your right.
16. Having no one to talk to during the day (that is an adult)
17. People that try to 'one up' you.
18. Finding hair in your food.
19. Calling someone/Having someone call you, and having them talk to someone else in the room half the time they are on the phone with you.
20. Buying a car wash at Chevron, but not being able to use it until the day it expires, because it has been raining, and having it really be expired because you needed to use it before the exact TIME you bought it a month ago. Yeah, I was 20 minutes late.
21. Feeling lonely without being alone.
22. People that wear socks with sandals.
23. Being tickled.
24. Mom jeans.
25. Snakes, spiders, scorpions. Pure evil.
26. Ungrateful people. I know I fall into this catagory at times.
27. Throwing up, especially at inopportune times.
28. Goodbyes.


I'm not the only one...

Wednesday night I got to hang out with some of my old friends from high school, or as I like to call them, my partners in crime. See, they were some of the ones that went along with all the shenanigans that I talked about in my last post. Like always we talked about the new goings on in every ones life, all the old memories that we have and the usual gossip about what happened to so-and-so from school. It's amazing how your brain deteriorates when you get older. One friend couldn't remember her old boyfriend even when I told her his name! It seems that some of them have created this black hole into which they threw some of their high school memories in. It was funny for the most part, I have to admit. We all decided that we pretty much all seem and look the same. It's crazy that these were the girls that I thought I would see on a day in a day out basis throughout my older years. Unfortunately, I have only seen them once or twice a year for the past 10. I have decided that this is one of the things I hate about getting older. Losing touch with good friends. I'm glad that we had the day to catch up and relive old times. Let's just try to make it more than a once a year occurrence!



For the past month or so, I have been trying to remember my old self, through my old journals and pictures. The things that I had written are funny, revealing and sad at times. I wrote many entries that started off "Today I woke up, got ready, and went to school. I went to all my classes." I do not understand the significance in writing that last sentence. I don't remember skipping class enough to warrant writing that I was there the whole time on some days. I do remember skipping seminary, of all classes, to go mack on a boyfriend. Not my finest moments. And yes, that is plural. I did skip Yearbook to go get breakfast for the class, many times. Okay, maybe I did need to remind my future self that I did make it through a whole day of school more than a few times. I wasn't part of the popular crowd. Not that I thought I needed to be popular. I had my little group of girl and guy friends from my year, a group of boyfriends from the year under me, and a handful of loner friends. Those are the friends I hold dear to my heart. I wrote "I love 'so and so' " a lot at the bottom of pages. I did my fair share of driving around in my Thunderbird with the broken window, or my Jeep, talking with friends. If I ever went dancing, I managed to remember all the guys names that I danced with and wrote whether or not they asked me, or I asked them, and phone numbers if given. I watched supposed boyfriends cheat on me, right in front of my face, and then try to say that the girl was the one that made the move. I wrote about all those breakups. There were plenty of shenanigans like, toilet papering, driving by boys houses, leaving notes (or Oreo's) on people's cars. Going to court for 'criminal mischief'. Climbing on schools, churches and malls. Running from the cops and almost getting hit by a cop car. My graduation is in there. It's one of my favorites. It started off a sunny day, graduation was outside on the football field. The sky turned gray, the Ghostbuster clouds rolled in and when the principal announced our class, our caps flew up as a torrential rain fell down on us. This is my good friend Jeewon and me hugging after graduation. We are totally soaked from the rain! Check out the pool behind us... Apparently someone at Alta's graduation got hit by lightning. But still, those were the days. Just get up and go when you wanted, hanging out with friends until curfew, if you had one, going on endless drives up the canyon, talking about nothing and everything, sneaking over to a boyfriend's house and tapping on their window, just to say 'hi'. Anticipation of new loves, crushes or objects of 'desire'. First kisses, first dates, first loves. Forbidden dating in the workplace, even with managers. Filling a friends van full of popcorn (hey Johnny). Embarrassing moments, all there in my journal. I'm glad that I kept a journal, so that I could have some laughs the older I get. There are things that I'm not proud of, but I'm glad I got to experience all of those things. I'm also glad that even though I wasn't a religious kid, my friends were, and I think that they are the reason that I am still alive today. Thanks! I think it's important to remember where you came from, the friends that you had, the memories you made. Fortunately, I've managed to either stay friends or find some of those people I treasure, through the power of the internet. It's fun to go back and read about all the adventures. I hope that everyone has a journal like the ones I kept. I hope you all can remember your old self and smile :)


There's nothing better than....

1. Coffee in the morning.
2. Sleeping in.
3. Finding money in pockets of clothing you haven't worn for a while.
4. Cheese and crackers and a good movie.
5. Listening to your favorite song on the radio, and then turning the station, only to find it playing again on a different channel.
6. Up close parking spaces.
7. Catching up with old friends.
8. Blanket, park, summer, fireworks (they all have to be present to enjoy)
9. A hot shower when you are freezing.
10. Surprise gifts for no reason.
11. Making all the traffic lights.
12. Being told you are a good friend.
13. Hugging someone who hugs really good.
14. Going to Vegas with the girls.
15. Sipping Pina Colada's in Mexico.
16. Having a good hair day and makeup day on the same day and actually having somewhere to go.
17. Having someone say that they thought you were younger than you are.
18. When the sushi chef lets you try something off the menu, and it's free, and delicious (makes you feel like you are part of the elite few that know about something really good).
19. A massage from your honey, without asking.
20. Laughing so hard that you cry, and having your stomach muscles hurt the next day because you were laughing so hard. And then thinking "why do my abs hurt......oh yeah!" And laughing some more.
21. Fitting into preprego pants.
22. Finding something you always wanted, on sale.
23. When someone says "You are really good at that...." whatever it may be....
24. Having such a good conversation with friends that the restaurant is practically kicking you out because they are closed.
25. Suggesting something to someone, and have them actually take your advice and love whatever it is as much as you do.
26. Driving with your windows down, at night during the summer.
27. Having a great friend find the title of a movie that made you both bawl your heads off in school, that you have been searching for, for years. All Summer in a Day (saddest movie ever!)
28. Hearing songs that remind you of someone or better days.
29. Lagoon at night.
30. Rain during the summer.
31. Friends that accept you for who you are and don't judge you no matter how blunt or random you can be.
32. Ice cream.
33. The smell of rain on pavement. Yes, I know, weird.
34. Macaroni and Cheese, if it's made right. The perfect combination of ingredients.
35. Cold sheets on a hot summer's night.


Things I've realized this year thus far...

1. Blogging is fun!
2. No matter how many times a friend, going through divorce, tells you that they are fine, you still need to call them to see how they are doing, or there will be repercussions.
3. Men in kilts are sexy (thank you Scottish festival organizers!)
4. Guitar Hero is fun as hell, like everyone says it is.
5. Bugs are attracted to me.
6. My LDS friends, are the crazy ones when we go dancing.
7. I feel old when I go to clubs :(
8. I will never stop drinking Coke, even if it can dissolve a nail in a couple days.
9. Shopping is always more fun with a friend, unless it's Damjan, then it's just torture. I love you Man!
10. Brown hair suits me better than blonde, and fools everyone into thinking that I have lost weight.
11. Certain meds do not go well with wine.
12. No matter how much sleep I get, I will always feel tired.
13. I do not understand everyone's fascination with Dancing with the Stars, the Hills, 24 or CSI (any of the versions of CSI).
14. Just because you love a tv show with all of your heart, it's not enough to keep it from getting cancelled. (R.I.P. Moonlight)
15. I really like reading, and, I will put all responsibilities on the back burner, if I'm really into a book. (sorry, family)
16. I will never understand organized religion.
17. I hate watching sports on tv.
18. I will always love playing video games.
19. If it weren't for instant messaging, I would have no social life.
20. I watch waaay too much tv.
21. Sometimes we all have to do something we don't like, because it is good for us.
22. No one will every know the answer to my question "You know what I was thinking...?" They won't even come close.
23. I have the best friends ever.


So I was thinking....

I think that no matter how many people you meet in the future, you'll have a hard time liking them as much as your little handful of friends. --
I think that the idea that my husband thinks that I'm 'dainty, will always bother me to some extent. I still think I'm more 'rock' and a tomboy, then he gives me credit for. And, I also think that I could handle a motorcycle, even though Alex disagrees. --
I think that a lot of people my age are more mature than me, but I also think I look loads younger than them, so I guess it balances out. --
I think that I am an excellent singer, but I fear critizicm, so I'm sure none of you will ever hear me sing. --
I think that So You Think You Can Dance is one of the best shows there is. It always makes me want to learn hip hop, even though I lack the 'thugness' (or skill or grace). --
I think that just because your husband has a best friend, you don't have to be best friends with their wife. --
I think that no matter how much money you have, if you don't love your significant other, you will be miserable. --
I think that 'play date' is the stupidest term ever. Do you ever remember hearing those words when you were a kid as you went to play at a friends house? --
I think that Say(All I Need) by OneRepublic, is the soundtrack of my life right now. --


Mandy wants to touch Zac's abs....

June 24th I was supposed to go to a sushi class with Mandy and she called and said that her friend got us into Highschool Musical 3 as extras. My sister Mindy got to come, which was fun. We played audience members while the actors sang to each other. We got to see Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (and the peeps that played Ryan and Kelsi) in person. It was great! They are very beautiful people. It made me want to be a professional extra. I definately know that I want to do something that involves movies, or tv. I just kept watching the crew and thinking that that would be so much fun. It was fun to be a part of such a pop culture phenom. Hopefully you'll be able to see one of us in the audience!