Dear Grandma...

My Grandma, Margaret Sinsel Davidson, died January 25th, 2010. She was a very patient woman, that I never once heard get mad, or complain. She loved cats, tabloids, celebrity gossip, holidays, traveling and her family. Us grankids remember a few of the same moments about Grandma Maggie. One Easter, at her house, after everyone had been served pie, she walked into the living room, looked down at the pie on her plate, looked up and said "Who's is this.... Oh! It's mine!" Then she went and sat down to eat. For some reason, we all remember this moment, and while it may seem non-memorable to you, we all thought it was hilarious! I'm not sure if it's because of what was said, or just that she said it out loud, but we all remember. My Grandma also had this wrist-pinch technique, that would drop a full-grown man. My brother found that out the hard way. She would always drop by my parents house, a mere 5 houses away, just to say 'hi'. She would give you hug, that included a little dance, that always made her laugh. And, when she would have to say goodbye, she used to always say, very incorrectly, but it was hers "Parting is such sweet sorrow... I'll come back tomorrow." We love you grandma and will always remember you and what a wonderful lady you were!

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